- Since I haven't yet seen Toy Story 3 (must wait until my and another person's schedules align), I didn't completely read any of these analyses of the Pixar sequel. But I am bookmarking them to read after seeing the movie and thought I'd share them with the rest of you right away: Jordan Hoffman at UGO[via /Film] sees TS3 as an allegory for the Holocaust; possibly related to Devin Faraci's view of TS3 as a Christian film at CHUD.com, Aric Clark at Two Friars and A Fooltakes a look at afterlife parallels, which I've also heard mentioned elsewhere, including from director Lee Unkrich; finally, Movieline lists "8 ways TS3 is exactly like A.I.: Artificial Intelligence."

- More subtext: many of you have likely assumed A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 has intentional homosexual themes, but apparently most of the people involved with the sequel -- save for screenwriter David Chaskin -- were naive about it. Four Four shares a video excerpt from the Nightmare documentary No One Sleeps focused on the gay overtones.
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