Seems like just yesterday that Megan Fox was being feted as Hollywood royalty -- funny how the passage of a year and a few box office flops can change all that. Fox, who seemingly rose to stardom out of nowhere when Michael Bay cast her in his Transformers movies, appears to be learning that meteoric rises to fame can feature crashes that are just as fast. After the disappointing performance of Jennifer's Body late last year, followed up by her quitting (before they could fire her ... ) Transformers 3 and abysmal opening for Jonah Hex, everyone's suddenly wondering, "Who cares anyway?" "How can Megan Fox get her career back on track?"

Luckily for Megan, I'm here to provide some wisdom and guidance. I can almost guarantee that following any of these seven steps (after the jump) will have Fox back on top of the world in no time -- and following all seven could make her empress of the galaxy or something.
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