Of all the documentaries screening at this year's Edinburgh International Film Festival, only one asks questions which have long troubled comic-book fans the world over. What if you could don a suit, wear your briefs over your pants, hop on a bike and head out into the cold to fight crime in your local community? If Batman can do it, why can't that guy living next door?

The film asking these questions is Superhero Me, in which Brit music producer-turned-filmmaker Steve Sale attempts to find the answers by throwing himself into his theory. Styling himself as 'SOS' he dons a mask and attempts to ail society's ills in his sleepy hometown of Sutton in England.

Along the way we meet Sale's friends, and some low-league comic-book experts, who wax lyrical about what it means to be superhero, and Sale discovers an entire community of people on the Internet who dress up and fight crime in their own communities.

Kick-Ass most recently tackled this same subject matter, albeit in fiction, and it may go without saying that there's more in the way of action sequences and dastardly criminals in Kick-Ass than there is in its documentary equivalent. By all accounts Sutton is a rather peaceful place, and while Sale sets out to do right by his community, it's more of the litter-collecting variety.
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