If you're under the age of 25, it seems likely that you missed out on the phenomenon of the "horror host." Back in days before we had 500 channels (including Chiller -- one devoted to horror), local stations would often run horror films on late night TV. Rather than just show the movies, they'd have a host -- someone in make-up and with a spooky persona who'd often make corny puns and tell bad jokes before or after each commercial break. Growing up in Pittsburgh, we had Chiller Theater with Chilly Billy. When my family moved to the Tampa area when I was 12, we had Dr. Paul Bearer (no, not the professional wrestling manager).

The most famous horror host, though, is still Elvira. With her big hair and bigger boobs, she's come to personify what people think of when it comes to horror hosts. When her show, Elvira's Movie Macabre, went off the air, it was like the death knell for the whole industry (and to be fair, there are still other horror hosts around -- but like drive-in theaters, they seem to get rarer with each passing day...)

If you miss the good old days, then news of Elvira's return to the small screen (insert obvious "boob toob" joke here...) should make you happy.

According to Elvira's B-Log and Dread Central, Movie Macabre is set to make like a slasher film villain and rise from the dead. The show will return to the airwaves this fall in national syndication with all new episodes. Dates and times will be up to the individual stations as the show is syndicated, but keep your eyes open for a listing of stations later this summer.

Jump past the break for a teaser promo for Movie Macabre, then share your favorite horror host in the comment section.
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