When it was announced that Stargate: Atlantis actor Jason Momoa would be picking up Arnold Schwarzenegger's sword for the Conan reboot, a lot of fans were up in arms. The reasons appeared to be multifold, but the most common complaint was that Momoa -- who's 6'5" tall -- wasn't ripped enough to play Robert E. Howard's famous barbarian. Hopefully, now that the first official image of Momoa in the role has been released, we can put those arguments to bed.

Nu Boyana Film Studios revealed the new pic this morning -- and while it's not a full body shot, you can certainly tell that Momoa bulked up for the part. He's not as big as Arnold, but he's definitely believable as a muscle-bound barbarian.

As for the film itself, shooting has wrapped and director Marcus Nispel is currently in post-production on the project, which finds Conan adventuring across Hyboria on a mission to avenge the death of his father (Ron Perlman). Joining Momoa and Perlman in the cast are Stephen Lang as the villainous Khalar Zym, Bob Sapp as Zym's right hand man Ukafa, Rachel Nichols as Conan's love interest Tamara, and Rose McGowan -- who was supposed to be Red Sonja in a different film at one point -- as a witch. The film's slated to hit theaters sometime next year.

Now I turn the floor over to you, dear reader. Have you accepted Momoa as the new Conan or will the part always be synonymous with The Governator? Let us know below.