Look for thrills, chases, explosions and two of the best smiles in the movies today as the revved-up 'Knight and Day' comes to theaters. The two smiles are courtesy of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, of course, who star in this adrenaline-rushed spy movie that doubles as a romantic comedy.

In it, Cruise is a rogue secret agent who teams with Diaz, a wholesome Midwestern gal, when the two come in possession of the kind of new technology that drives international spies wild. Peter Sarsgaard is the pursuing federal agent and Paul Dano and Viola Davis are also on board for the ride. James Mangold ('Walk the Line') directed.

Critics, for the most part, wish the Cruise and Diaz romantic chemistry could have been developed more than it is in the movie, and that the action sequences and special effects, especially the CG effects, could have been toned down. The film is being released two days early on Wednesday, instead of the normal Friday, to get a jump on the upcoming Fourth of July weekend.

We shall see if an early 'Day' makes for a hit. Read what the critics have to say:
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