For the entire length of my writing here at Cinematical, there are a few films that have been on the forward trajectory since I started in 2006. One was Jackboots on Whitehall, which took a while -- understandably -- considering the time it takes to film a movie focused on action figures. The other is Pope Joan, a film stalled by a myriad of cinematic plagues.

In early 2007, John Goodman was sued for backing out of his role as Pope Serguis. Not too long after, Constantin Film halted production. The production was slapped with more drama when the director was fired for comments made to a newspaper. But then they got a new director, and things looked on the up and up. That is, until star Franka Potente backed out in May of 2008. Then the film got another jolt back in the plus column -- John Goodman returned and David Wenham signed on.

Believe it or not, the film finally got produced, has made the rounds of some European cities, and is in the top three of Italy's box office, behind Sex and the City 2 and Robin Hood. So now that the production drama is in the past, it's time to induce the ire of the Catholic Church.