If you're heartbroken that Harrison "cranky pants" Ford finally tied the knot for realsies, what better way to continue your delusional movie star fantasies than to get sudsy with Han Solo, courtesy of Luxury Lane Soap's "Soap in Carbonite."

If you're a Star Wars geek, you already know where this is heading. Basically, this a metallic-colored bar of soap made to look like Han Solo after he's been encased in Carbonite at the end of Empire Strikes Back. As an added bonus, it will also get you squeaky clean and make you smell nice.

For a mere $9.95 you can acquire your own "Soap in Carbonite," which now comes with a personal signature from the soap-smith who lovingly crafted him and a "Frozen On" date so you can mark your bar's anniversary each year should you decide to keep it forever instead of actually using it.

The level of detail is impressive. Each bar is hand poured and features three skin-safe matte and metallic depths to give it that dull Carbonite sheen. The bars are made one at a time by hand -- meaning no two will ever be exactly alike.

If this sounds like something you've got to have, order soon. Luxury Lane caps the orders at 75 per week to ensure a high level of detail and quality. If you swing by and it's currently sold out, the site advises you to try again next week. While there, be sure to check out the cool (but discontinued after a cease and desist letter arrived ... ) Fight Club soap bar. Let's hope George Lucas isn't as much of a jerk as Fox. Oh, wait, maybe you better hurry up and order now.
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