With each passing day we get a little closer to seeing The Walking Deaddebut on AMC. The cable channel's been fantastic about promoting their newest program on their website -- and the latest update has executive producer and comic creator Robert Kirkman reporting in from the set. Read on to find out what Kirkman thinks about seeing his baby brought to life.

When asked what it feels like to finally be on a set, seeing his work come to life, Kirkman responds with "'Surreal,' I guess, is a word I've been saying a lot. 'Amazing' is another word. I was on a movie set last summer that was like a big budget blockbuster, and before I got out here I told myself, "I'm not going to be seeing the same kind of stuff because they don't have a budget like a summer blockbuster." But you know what? It's almost bigger."

It's hard not to notice how excited Kirkman is about the way the Frank Darabont-produced series is shaping up. The enthusiasm is inherent in each response in the full interview (warning -- it contains some spoilers for the comic series). It's also interesting to get his take on some of the changes Darabont and crew are making to his source material. While some writers would bristle at having their work altered, Kirkman appears to be loving it. The author will also get the opportunity to rewrite his own material, as he's penning the script for one of the first season's episodes.

There's a lot more to uncover in the chat, but I'll not relate it all here. Head on over to AMC and check out Kirkman's full interview. The zombies of The Walking Dead invade Atlanta later this year.
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