Tom Cruise"That boy sure is a runnin' fool!"

Where did the misconception begin that Tom Cruise runs in every movie he's ever made? It's been planted in my head for years, at least since The Firm in 1993, in which he really did run frequently, as a conscience-stricken lawyer in an expensive suit and tie. Off hand, I know that he runs often in the Mission: Impossible movies (he's a spy, that's what they do), as well as Vanilla Sky (a short jaunt on a rooftop) and The Last Samurai (heading into battle).

I'm sure I'm forgetting others, but the idea is out there; type "Tom Cruise running in movies" into your favorite search engine and you'll get random inquiries from people over the years, along with references a Family Guy episode and some unkind speculation. The thing is, Cruise looks good when he runs, as he does frequently in his newest movie, Knight and Day. Cruise plays a spy who may or may not be crazy, but is most definitely good at the game. As a garage owner caught up in the shenanigans, Cameron Diaz is torn between running away herself or succumbing to his weird charm. Through it all, Cruise runs like a pro: a compact machine, arms and legs in perfect precision, well-tuned pistons flying. He may be approaching the mid-century mark (he turns 48 next month), but he still runs like a kid.

The quote at the top is from Forrest Gump, another character who loved to run without really questioning why he was running. In contrast, Cruise always has a reason to run in his movies, and he looks so natural doing so that it seems like he's been doing it forever -- or, at least, in every movie he's ever made.

Check out this Tom Cruise running montage after the jump.