Jonah Hex is a character who has had his share of massive ups and downs. Half of his face is burned away. He had a horrific childhood. He was sold into slavery. He fought on the losing side of the Civil War. His wife and son left him. He traveled to the future. His corpse was stuffed and mounted in a sideshow. But by far, the most humiliating thing in Jonah's life happened this weekend, when his half-plucked film hit theaters to the tune of record lows at the box office.

I've written a lot of Hex pieces in the past few months, and I hesitate to write another one, because it may seem like I'm beating one of his ill-fated horses to death. But I'm a fan of the character, and as a fan, I feel as cheated as I did last summer with X-Men Origins: Wolverine. This time, it's a little more personal. Jonah Hex was one of the first film sets I visited, and arguably one of the most exciting because I knew the source material. I watched a character I knew come to life, and it was as cool as I hoped it would be. In the months that followed, I whispered what I'd seen to my fellow Hex fans, and assured them it was in good hands.
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