As promised yesterday, The Green Hornethad its trailer debut tonight on Yahoo! Movies. This is the first footage we've seen of the long awaited, much discussed, and fervently argued return of Britt Reid. The trailer is undoubtedly going to fuel the flames. I'm going to hazard a guess that it might be negative.

Seth Rogen isn't showing a great depth of range here. He's not dapper and he's not particularly badass. This is essentially his usual slacker character, albeit with a bit more money, and whose decision to become a crime fighter just comes off kind of corny. If you told me Judd Apatow had directed The Green Hornet over Michel Gondry, I would say "Yeah. That makes a lot of sense." I don't expect a major character arc in the course of a trailer, naturally, but this should feel a little more like Iron Man or Batman Begins, even if it is supposed to be a more comedic take on the hero.

But perhaps my expectations were too high! Maybe I picture the Hornet differently, or elevated him to heights not even George Clooney (one of the rumored Reids for a long time) could achieve. But it looks so standard, so cookie-cutter, and so silly.

My thoughts exactly. Now what are yours? The trailer is embedded below for your masked pleasure.