Disney's new Tron: Legacy remote-controlled light cycle can actually drive up walls

If Avatar changed the way we watch movies, than Tron: Legacy looks to change the way we play with toys. In advance of this winter's most anticipated film (at least around these parts), Disney unveiled a series of toys based on their upcoming Tron: Legacy at a press event on Monday. And if you thought the film looked more fun than that time you accidentally ate a bag full of mushrooms at the Black Light Poster Museum, then wait till you get a load of these toys. Um, can Disney also figure out a way to make me 7 again? Is that possible?

First off, their remote control light cycle uses never-before-seen technology to make it so you can actually drive the thing up and down walls. Wired tells us the technology is called Air Hogs, and it uses a suction force that allows the vehicle to drive on walls with ease. It's a little noisy, sure, but that's the price kids will pay to absolutely torture their parents with this thing. ("Don't drive your thingy thing on Aunt Rita's new wallpaper!")

In addition to the new technology created for the light cycle, Disney also introduced the first-ever action figure that uses a projected moving image as a face. The figure has a helmet on, and when you click it together you get the weird ghostly looking face of Garrett Hedlund shouting back one of the many moody lines from the movie. Aside from those two pieces of coolness (see video of them after the jump), Disney is also releasing tons of other merch, including video games for multiple platforms and some awesome-looking light-up keyboards, mouses and game controllers.

Check out video after the jump (courtesy of Wired), and images of the different products available below.

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