The Fountain, directed by Darren Aronofsky, 2006.

Of All the Aronofsky films, The Fountain stands out as my clear favorite. A brilliant film weaving together three stories spanning three different eras, The Fountain focuses on the themes of life, death, rebirth and....Mayan mythology. Not surprisingly, this reminds me of when my friend tried to sell the book Snow Crash on me by saying it has "pizza delivery and Sumerian mythology." But I digress. When I first saw the film, I knew almost nothing of it, other than it was by "the guy who did Requiem for a Dream." I walked out of the theater in utter awe. I revisit The Fountain every so often, and with each subsequent viewing it becomes even more beautiful.

One of the most fascinating things about the film are the visuals. Watching the film you get the feeling that it includes millions of dollars of CGI, when in fact all of the visual effects were completed for around $140,000. Beyond this the visuals were enhanced by the sweeping and epic score of Clint Mansell, whose primary theme for Requiem for a Dream has become the de facto song used in most trailers. Sadly, the film didn't even recoup half of its $35 million budget, once again proving that incredibly awesome and intelligent films totally get the shaft in theaters.
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