It bugs me that 20th Century Fox is pushing out another X-Men movie. It bugs me doubly so that it's a prequel. It bugs me that Matthew Vaughn, whose Kick Ass is something of an action movie miracle, is directing this since Fox steamrolled the incredibly talented Gavin Hood on X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It bugs me that James McAvoy will be portraying a young Charles Xavier, AKA, Professor X, the leader and teacher of the X-Men.

Do you know what does not bug me? Michael Fassbender playing Magneto.

According to Deadline, the offer has officially gone out to the Irish actor, who has also been offered the role of the top secret villain in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot. Since he can't do both, expect him to take the Magneto role due to its franchise potential...surely the Spider-Man villain will be good and dead at the end of that film.
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