Career Watch is a regular column by veteran film reporter and Moviefone guest blogger Anne Thompson looking at the career of a major Hollywood star, analyzing the moves they've made thus far and offering career advice on where they could or should head from here. This week: mega-star Tom Cruise.

Signature line
: "Show me the money!" yells Jerry Maguire.

Career Peaks: Cruise emerged in the early 80s in 'Taps' and 'The Outsiders,' and first broke out his cocky screen persona as a broom-riding teen entrepreneur in 'Risky Business' and a flying ace 'Top Gun.' He proved his mettle by opening even a lousy movie, 'Cocktail' -- the mark of a marquee draw. Nobody works harder than Cruise at self-improvement. He burnished his acting bonafides opposite Paul Newman in Martin Scorsese's'The Color of Money' and Dustin Hoffman in Barry Levinson's 'Rain Man.' Fifteen years into his career, he landed the action franchise 'Mission: Impossible,' which has delivered $1.4 billion worldwide over three films. Cruise also carried two Steven Spielberg event movies, 'Minority Report' and 'War of the Worlds' (global gross: $359 and $592 million, respectively).
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