Once upon a time, Charlie Sheen was known as Wild Thing for reasons that had nothing to do with tabloid-fodder divorce hearings, prostitute rings, domestic abuse charges or having his cars repeatedly driven off cliffs. Now it appears he may be eying a return to those halcyon days with a project fans have been dreaming about for almost two decades: 'Major League 3.'

Yes, according to Moviehole, get ready to break out those horn rimmed glasses and fire up the offerings to Jobu, because if 'Major League' writer/director David S. Ward has anything to say about it, the greatest Cleveland Indians squad of the last fifty years will be reuniting on the big screen sooner rather than later.

If, of course, Sheen's personal and professional life can be sorted out.

"I've written what I see as 'Major League 3.' We're putting that together as we speak - in fact, next week I'm off to talk to James Robinson at Morgan Creek about it," Ward told Moviehole. "[Sheen is] excited to do it if and when it happens. But he can't shoot it this year, because he's back doing 'Two and a Half Men,' but we could potentially shoot it next year - in his hiatus from the show."
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