On Tuesday morning, indie actress Tracy Wright lost her battle with pancreatic cancer, passing away at the age of fifty. You may not know her by name, but if you've followed Canadian filmmakers like Don McKellar (who she married earlier this year), Miranda July, and Bruce McDonald, you've seen her work.

Her big screen career began in 1991 with McDonald and McKellar's Highway 61. Wright then appeared in a number of indie productions over the last twenty years, including July's Me You and Everyone We Know in 2005, but it was her work with McKellar that made her name recognizable outside the limits of Canadian cinema. She played Donna in Last Night, took on the Elimination Dance, and was able to wreak havoc alongside McKellar as radicals in Reginald Harkema's anarchy-filled Monkey Warfare. Just last year, she re-teamed with both men to play Leslie's mother in Leslie, My Name is Evil.

In a quote to CTV, Harkema said: "She was not in good shape the last time we saw her but you know, she still had all the spark and wit and passion." Though she was battling cancer, she continued working, and you can see her pop up in This Movie is Broken and the upcoming Trigger.

She will be missed. Our condolences go out to McKellar and the rest of her family. In her memory, hit the jump for her lovely retro jig with McKellar in Elimination Dance. (NSFW: brief nudity)
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