Okay, Hollywood. We've already established that this is the Summer of '84 all over again. It began this spring, actually, when Freddy poked his burn-scarred face back into theaters for a hot second in A Nightmare on Elm Street, but in the past month, The Karate Kid has officially launched Jaden Smith into the pantheon of child stars, and The A-Team, well, was in theaters.

That's just the beginning; there are a whole slew of '84 remakes in the works. The official cast of the Footloose remake, which is slated for 2011, was announced yesterday. Police Academy is coming back, insofar as its producer Paul Maslansky and New Line want it to come back, although there isn't much more to report than that. Director Pierre Morel (From Paris With Love,Taken) will be directing a remake of Dune, and he's told reporters that his screenplay with Chase Palmer will be "a very true approach to the book, the original material." However, it does look like the only actual 1984 movie to make it to 2010 will be Red Dawn, which we've already established is really pissing off China.

So, Hollywood, consider this a cry of "UNCLE!" If you really must insist on remaking everything from the year 1984, let's start with these five. Add your own in the comments!
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