With the summer finally upon us, and a less-than-sizzling blockbuster movie season in full effect, what are fans desperate for action to do? Leave it to comic books' biggest story of the summer to bring the action to you, courtesy of one Mr. Clark Kent, aka Superman.

The amazing chance to bring the superhero to your town comes courtesy of screenwriter and comic book scribe J. Michael Straczynski. JMS first gained fame developing the cult sci-fi series 'Babylon 5.' before moving onto the world of film, scripting the Clint Eastwood-directed thriller 'Changeling,' and the martial arts action flick, 'Ninja Assassin.' (in addition, he's currently developing a remake of the classic 50s sci-fi tale 'Forbidden Planet' and adapting the alternative zombie-history mash-up 'World War Z.')
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