Move over, Juno -- there's a new troubled teen protagonist in town! Having tackled the corporate world of downsizing and air miles, Jason Reitman is now heading back to school for Saturday Night Live scribe Simon Rich's first novel, Elliot Allagash. The Hollywood Reporter posts that Reitman has optioned the book and tapped Rich to adapt his novel. As of now, Reitman is only attached as producer, and it hasn't been decided whether or not he'll direct as well.

Elliot Allagash focuses on a Manhattan private school kid named Seymour whose life changes drastically with the arrival of transfer student Elliot Allagash, the typical rich and entitled troublemaker ("who regularly gets drunk and enjoys villainy"). Elliot makes Seymour a deal -- if the chubby wanna-be follows Elliot's instructions to a T, Seymour will become popular and successful.

At this point, any number of previous high school films come to mind, like a villainous spin on Charlie Bartlett, probably with a lot of the entitled snark of Igby Goes Down. If boss and SNL head writer Seth Meyers is to be believed, the story couldn't be better, though Publishers Weekly gives a more level-headed, and not entirely glowing account of the book (the reviews can be read at Amazon). Both, however, agree that there's humor to be had. The only question is whether it will zip into more successful Juno territory or floppy Jennifer's Body fare.
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