Whether you're itching for a classic, or something you've never seen, the Movie Clubs have got you covered:

Brian Salisbury opted to go mega-classic for Horror Squad and tackled the iconic Nosferatu. New to the film, he raves about Murnau's tricks, noting: "I know it sounds ridiculous to label a film from 1922 as cutting edge, but given the limitations of the era, it really is. I'll start with the simplest example; so subtle it probably went unnoticed. Murnau actually uses transitions between shots. In the early days of filmmaking, this was nearly unheard of."

Meanwhile, over at SciFi Squad, Micah Matthews delved into the wonder of Trancers. He wrote: "The opening scenes, which were set in 2247, depicted the type of future that I really enjoy: one that is ugly and beaten down and based on current tech... but with just a splash of futuristic innovations."

Finally, I went Wilder and dug into Stalag 17 for the first time, writing: "What's most impressive about the film is how it balances the seriousness and the humor. From the beginning to the end, the film is rife with laughs, but it always remembers that the story is serious, which makes the laughs not just a superficial treatment for entertainment's sake, but rather the vehicle for acceptance."

Head over to the discussions and leave your .02, and stay tuned this Friday for the next round of picks, which kicks off with Cinematical and Kevin Smith's Chasing Amy.
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