Once upon a time, surfing was considered a man's world, filled with blond hunks who had perfect tans, no fear and a sport-specific lexicon dripping with "dudes," "gnarlies" and "hang tens."

That was before 'Blue Crush.' The 2002 movie stars Kate Bosworth as Anne Marie Chadwick, an aspiring pro surfer living on Oahu's North Shore. She and her bad-ass girl posse live a hard-scrabble life working as maids at a fancy local hotel and taking care of Anne Marie's little sister after mom leaves town. While their lives are tough, their remote Oahu home is a surfing Mecca thanks to Pipeline, their local surf break. The waves there are some of the world's heaviest and most famously dangerous, known to get as tall as buildings before crashing over a deadly reef.

Outside the daily grind for survival, surfing is their life: Eden (Michelle Rodriguez) is training Anne Marie for the annual surfing contest in the hope that she'll score a pro sponsorship -- and a ticket out of poverty in paradise. Of course, 'Rocky'-style training is no fun without a little lovin', and luckily, a football team obliges by checking in to the hotel. Things get complicated fast when Anne Marie's budding crush on the quarterback keeps her out of the water, and suddenly our pretty surfer must choose between easy comfort and chasing her dreams.

Based on Susan Orlean's article 'Surf Girls of Maui' in Outside Magazine, 'Blue Crush' was neither a critical nor box office success. But as an ode to girl power and a staple of surf cinema, the film remains a cult fave -- not to mention the launching pad for Bosworth's career.
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