'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn'Is it happening? Dare I hope? A certain comic book film has been haunting the halls of many a movie studio for years. And it looks like a film is finally going to happen for our favorite surgeon-turned-magician. I'll let you know who's on board. Ah, Marvel/Disney merger ... how I love you! (Source: Deadline )

I've got some poll results for you. Remember that story about how the writer for 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' thought it might be a good idea to keep the rather ... ahem ... infamous scene off screen? Well, you guys had quite a lot to say about it! I'll let you know which way the pendulum swung. And to all you Twi-hards camping out at LA Live for the Los Angeles premiere of 'Eclipse,' I'll see you on Thursday! Make sure you say hi! And if you've got questions for the stars of the film, send them to me at jenna@moviefone.com. I'll pick my favorites and let you know what they said. Check out the video after the jump.