I'm going a little obscure with this week's Movie Crush, but if you've come this far along in my hazy rear view mirror-recollections of the dreamiest teen idols the '90s had to offer, then we're already kindred spirits. Which means you might even remember a little live-action Disney teen adventure from 1993 called White Wolves: A Cry in the Wild II (AKA I Know What Zack Morris Did Last Summer).

Now, as a point of clarification, White Wolves: A Cry in the Wild II was only a loose sequel toA Cry in the Wild, the 1990 adaptation of Gary Paulsen's book, Hatchet, about a teenage boy left to fend for himself in the Canadian wilderness. White Wolves pretty much only took two ideas from its predecessor: the idea of teenagers forced to hone their natural survival instincts after being stranded in the wild, and the mystical white wolf of legend that always showed up to save the day. (One older character alludes to being saved by the white wolf himself as a child, suggesting that either he's the kid from A Cry in the Wild, or he had the exact same thing happen to him. Not that it matters.)

Beyond those similarities, White Wolves took on a formula of its own -- tame family friendly nature adventure populated by attractive teen stars -- and went on to spawn two additional sequels: White Wolves II: Legend of the Wild(1995) and White Wolves III: Cry of the White Wolf(2000). But honestly, folks, who are we kidding? The one with the beefed-up Mark-Paul Gosselaar was the best. (Fun fact: the entire White Wolves franchise was produced by Roger and Julie Corman's Concorde Pictures.)
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