E3 2010 is over for another year, but there's still some horror gaming news from the show that's worth talking about.

Game Trailers recently featured a new teaser trailer for Square-Enix's The Third Birthday -- and while that title probably doesn't mean much to anyone, maybe this will -- it's better known as Parasite Eve 3. I thought that might get some folks' attention...

Back in the PlayStation One era, Square decided to merge survival horror with story-driven Japanese RPG elements, and Parasite Evewas born. It was a great game for its time, featuring a solid story about a genetic mutation running rampant and the young woman (Aya Brea) tasked with stopping it coupled with challenging gameplay and gorgeous cutscenes. The game was enough of a hit that it spawned a sequel (which was slightly more action-oriented than the first game and turned off some fans...) -- and then, years of nothing.

The Third Birthday finally turned up awhile back as a cellphone game, but the newest incarnation looks to be improved greatly to take advantage of Sony's PlayStation Portable. The new clip shows some of the title's action and combat, and I'm excited to finally catch up with Aya again. My only concern is trying to control her during some of the boss fights with the PSP's inadequate analog nub. That could be frustrating.

Jump past the break and check out the new clip.
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