I still have a single Tron action figure from back when I was a kid. Much like the original film, these toys were stylish enough to set them apart from the GI Joe and his ilk. They were colorful and translucent, ghost-like glowing things from a film that still held some sort of magic for me. Now it's a plastic relic. It's in a ziplock with Greedo and Snake Eyes. The new toys for Tron Legacy, however? Sweet Christmas! I have a moratorium on buying toys for myself. It got out of hand there for a while, but after seeing this video of Disney's newly announced tie-ins, I may be back in the saddle.

The new action figures come with snazzy little gimmicks. The image of a face is projected onto the helmet. It's spooky and altogether awesome. I can't say I care for the canned lines that the figures spout, but I can overlook that. I want - no, I need a new Jeff Bridges toy. The real crown jewel of the collection is the radio controlled light cycle. Why? It defies gravity. The future is now! Using vacuum suction, the cars can actually drive up walls. Not only that, but you'll see a beam of light trailing along behind the racers. If a rival car passes through the beam, it will lose power and tumble from the wall. It's not quite an explosion of jagged pixels, but it's close enough.

Aside from the toys, there's an assortment of electric accoutrement adorned with stylish streaks of neon: Ipod docks, headphones, keyboards, and the like. Yes, I want all of them, too.

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