Last year, Sherlock Holmes had barely begun filming before rumors swirled that a really big actor would be making a cameo as Professor Moriarty. Russell Crowe and Brad Pitt were both name-dropped as being the Sherlock's archenemy. In the end, Moriarty was just an anonymous voice and a sexy cape, and has yet to be cast.

But the rumor mill has started up again. While Pitt was still being talked about as of spring, Superhero Hype hears that Guy Ritchie hopes to convince a real mastermind to take the part: Daniel Day-Lewis. The script isn't finished, and no one has even talked to Day-Lewis, it's all speculation and hearsay. But oh, what a possibility it is. Day-Lewis would be perfect. We don't even need to list all the reasons why, or gush about how it would elevate the film, and how well he would play against Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. You already know.

Day-Lewis is notoriously picky about his projects, though. His role in Nine makes me think he might be relenting a little bit, and seeking out projects that don't require him to relinquish his entire personality for months on end. I've always thought he should relax a little, and do something a bit popcorny just to spare his mind and prove he can have fun.

We'll see where this rumor goes. Superhero's sources says that if Day-Lewis declines, Sean Penn, Gary Oldman, and Javier Bardem are also being dreamcast by someone in the production. Apparently, an English accent is not going to be a requirement for Moriarty any more than it was for Holmes.

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