Armond WhiteThese days, Armond White of the New York Press is being widely regarded as the most contrary critic in America, with various outposts in cyberspace having expressedoutrage over White's critical drubbing of 'Toy Story 3.' If it weren't for his review and that of two other blogging pests, Pixar's latest blockbuster would have scored 100% positive on Rotten Tomatoes.

I've had my own disagreements with White, in person -- albeit of a somewhat friendlier nature. Many years ago, in a restaurant in Montreal during that city's annual film festival, I was having dinner with a group of fellow critics when the subject turned to our individual choices for the worst movies ever made. Gannett's Jack Garner, an old friend with whom I'd had this discussion before, turned to White and said "Wait 'til you hear what Mathews thinks is the worst movie."
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