We don't cover video games often here at Cinematical because, well, the site is called Cinematical, but occasionally the worlds of movies and games do intersect. When that happens the union of the two tends to either be A) a terrible game based on a good movie or B) or a terrible movie based on a good game, but from time to time something special does emerge from the marriage. And while no one has played the final game yet, I'm going to brave venturing onto a limb here and wager that Ni No Kuni (AKA The Another World) will be one such something special.

Now if you're wondering what Ni No Kuni is, it's the title of Studio Ghibli's first foray from film and television into video games. And if the idea of a game with an art style inspired by the studio that produced Grave of the Fireflies, Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away isn't enticing enough, it gets even better: Ni No Kuni is being developed by Level-5, the minds behind the Professor Layton series of games. Two of the best Japanese producers of enriching content for children and adults alike teaming together? I don't know what the world did to deserve this, but I'm going to stop questioning it and just watch the game's opening cinematic again with a great, big smile on my face.
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