In my last Science Continues to Prove That We're All Doomed column
, I mentioned that scientists are concerned that rising activity in the sun's magnetic field will lead to increased solar flares, which will lead to "space storms," which will wreak havoc on the Earth, destroying electronics the world over and turning satellites into useless space junk. So, why didn't I save the news that scientists have managed to simulate the sounds of the sun's magnetic field by recreating the vibration effect of the sun's coronal loops, which are often 60,000 miles long, for this week's column?

Well, mainly because these sounds make me really, really happy. They sound like something torn straight out of a 1950s science fiction movie and would be right at home on a set populated by dashing space rangers in jumpsuits and cardboard robots. The ball of fire our planet slowly circles sounds like a humpback whale performing the score for Forbidden Planet.

If these sounds are truly a harbinger of doom for the human race as we know it, I won't let myself get too upset. We could all be killed by things that aren't nearly this cool, so I'll just look on the bright side. You can listen to the music of the sun, courtesy of The Telegraph, after the jump!
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