Nintendo stole the show at this year's Electronics Entertainment Expo. As Microsoft and Sony played catch-up on the motion control front -- a field Nintendo mined roughly four years ago -- the Big N was preparing for their next phase of handheld dominance with the unveiling of the Nintendo 3DS.

The 3DS is one sexy piece of gaming gear and my inner gamer dork is already lusting for one. 3D games and movies without the need for glasses? A bigger top screen than the current Nintendo DS? An analog slider nub? New versions of classic games like Kid Icarus? Yes, please.

One of the debut titles on display (unfortunately, not playable) was a new Resident Evil iteration, entitled Resident Evil: Revelations. Convention attendees who braved the long lines to see the 3DS (some people reportedly waited more than four hours for some quality time with the new hardware...) got to see a trailer for the new game -- and now you can too.

The new story will apparently revolve around Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine...and that's about all we know. Capcom was cool enough to assure everyone that this is an actual "in development" title and not a mere tech demo (like the Ocarina of Time footage that was floating around), so I suspect we'll be finding out more in the months ahead.

Hit the jump to view the new clip. No specific word on when the 3DS (due out "sometime before the end of March 2011...") or this game might land at retail, but we'll keep you posted.
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