SyFyFor some reason, the cable channel SyFy has a love of emulating those crap B-movies with titles like Sharktopus. Well, apparently they've gone through their entire list and are out of ideas. As a result, they are taking suggestions from the general public on a production site called B Movie Mogul. This is either a very good idea or a very bad one.

By "suggestions," I mean that SyFy is letting people submit various pitch ideas including the monster, the script, the setting and pretty much everything else. Has SyFy ever read a comment board on the Internet before? It's likely that all the ideas they get will be crap, which will at least go with the theme of their usual Saturday night creature feature.

Here's an idea, SyFy: why don't you create more awesome series like Battlestar Galactica rather than waste your Saturday nights on this rubbish? If not that, then how about a monster that is like Manbearpig except that it is half alien, half shark and half tax-collector?

Do you have a great idea for SyFy? Sound off in the comments.
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