I admit it. I'm addicted to any movie-linked LEGO game that hits the stands. Star Wars was pretty cool, Indiana Jones was even better, and I thought there was nothing cuter than LEGO Catwoman and Batman. They hit that gamer love in me just so. It's simple enough that I won't rip out the disc and throw it across the room in frustration and have to fight my way out of a bad mood (I'm looking at you, Buffy), and complex enough that I feel like I'm actually doing something (yeah, you, Noby Noby Boy). But Harry Potter...

I enjoyed -- but didn't love -- the books, though I do love the movies, every single one. The whimsy, silliness, creativity, and darkness tap into those remaining strings and memories of childhood. They're the only family films released after my own youth that I can watch over and over again. And then those LEGO jerks had to go and steal $50 from my wallet with LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4. I knew it was going to be cute.

But not this cute.
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