Welcome to Captain's Log -- your round-up of sci-fi randomness from around the web. Here's what's happening:

Wanna eat a Zerg Hive cake? Geekologie shares pics detailing how the above homemade cake celebrating Starcraft came together.

reports that Seattle's Science Fiction Hall of Fame will induct Roger Zelazny, Richard Matheson, and Octavia E. Butler into club on the 26th.

Flash! Ah-ah, is still trying to make his way to the big screen and save the universe once again, according to Breck Eisner and FearNet.

io9 shares classics from H.G. Wells and Mary Shelley that got a reality show makeover on Work of Art.

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy faces off against Doctor Who in a video over at BoingBoing.

Quiet Earth shares a funky teaser for the new foreign, retro-futuristic thriller Agnosia, detailing a woman with "a strange neuropsychological illness that affects her perception."

SuperheroHype shares a clip from Batman: Under the Red Hood.

Ridley Scott explains how he came into sci-fi through the back door. [LA Times]
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