Don't look now, but sci-fi is suddenly big in Hollywood again. After the record-breaking success of James Cameron's Avatar, studio executives are gobbling up fantastical films like starving men at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

The latest writer set to cash in is Will Dunn, whose script Ion is generating interest from several studios according to Heat Vision. The film has some powerful backing, with Tony and Ridley Scott attached as producers and Channing Tatum set to tackle the lead role. The film is being billed as a "sci-fi romantic epic" -- and while that doesn't exactly make me want to rush out to get in line for tickets now, the plot breakdown seems sort of interesting.

According to sources, "Tatum will play a man who travels to different Earths and alternate dimensions -- all in a quest to find his reincarnated lover." Executives are already invoking Avatar when describing it, even though the two films don't sound all that similar.