This week in theaters marks a reunion of varying sorts in Grown Ups. Adam Sandler, David Spade, Rob Schneider and Chris Rock were all part of the cast of Saturday Night Live from 1990-93. Some lasted a few years longer than others, and if Chris Farley had not passed away, one would imagine we would be seeing him on screen instead of Kevin James, who has nevertheless hitched his big screen career to Happy Madison productions. In the film the fivesome play friends who reunite after the death of their basketball coach and fall into their old habits despite carrying the new responsibilities of family.

While each may have had roles or cameos in previous films with each other, this is the first time all five are together in the same project. But what about groups that have already been established? We figured we would look back, and by some miracle, forward to characters we would like to see reunite and discover where they have been.
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