If you're any kind of DVD or Blu-ray collector, you've probably come across The Criterion Collection at some point. The good folks behind the label scour the globe for the finest examples of cinema as an art form and endeavor to provide the very best home video presentation of their finds. They work together with major studios as well as indie labels to secure the rights to distribute films, first on LaserDisc, then on DVD and most recently on Blu-ray discs. The problem is, the rights are only good for a certain amount of time, and Criterion isn't always able to renew the rights to keep pressing new discs of the films they've released. When this happens the disc goes out of print, or OOP, and is unavailable for conventional purchase. Because of the time and effort that Criterion puts in, not only with the transfer of the video and audio for the film but also with extensive supplemental materials, out of print Criterion titles become rare and sought after, and, often times, they sky-rocket in price on sites like eBay and Amazon's Marketplace.

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