Back in the '80s, there were two teen girls battling for pop supremacy. One, Debbie Gibson, took the tween fashion world by storm with cut-off shorts, jean vests, and funky hats. The other, Tiffany, hit malls everywhere singing Beatles tunes. As time went on, Debbie continued releasing music that never earned the same fame, but she also changed her name to Deborah and hit Broadway, playing everyone from Sally Bowles to Fanny Brice. Tiffany, meanwhile, faded through the nineties, even flirting with country to continue her career, before making a momentary comeback dropping trou for Playboy and appearing in the very short-lived That '80s Show. In recent years, she popped up in a Meat Loaf commercial, and her fans found documentary fame with I Think We're Alone Now.

And now, the pair are coming together for a science fiction feature over at Syfy.
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