I'm sure you were thrilled to hear the news many moons ago that Futurama would be returning as a weekly series to Comedy Central. I know I was. But if you're anything like me, you probably filled that news away in a mental drawer of cool things and then periodically checked in on it in a "Hey, what's that going to begin?" fashion. And if you're still anything like me, you probably recall filing away that Thursday, June 24th was an important date to remember.

Now look at a calendar. Hey! Today is Thursday, June 24th! Sucker snuck up quick, didn't it?

So here to remind you to tune into Comedy Central tonight at 10pm EST is a 7-minute long recap of the first 5 seasons of Futurama narrated by Zapp Brannigan. Please do show up. Don't just wait to download it. Don't go streaming episodes at non-Comedy Central sites. The only way the show is going to stick around this time is if people actually watch it through official channels. And if it gets cancelled again, I swear to HypnoToad that I will kill you. Yes, you.
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