Escape From New YorkWho remembers Escape From New York? When I was a youngun', that movie terrified the crap out of me. Then it was followed up with Escape From L.A., sadly. There were rumors of a third movie, but that didn't pan out. Now, the studio wants to get back to basics by remaking the first movie and having Timothy Olyphant in the Snake Plissken role that Kurt Russell made famous.

I have my doubts about this movie. Escape From New York was a product of its time when New York City was more seedy and crime was running rampant. Escape From L.A. turned the franchise into a cartoon. Perhaps a reboot is in order to bring the series back to its post-apocalyptic roots.

I can't picture anybody but Kurt Russell as Snake, but time has passed and Kurt isn't as young as he used to be. At the very least, he should get a cameo.
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