We're less than 3 months away from this year's Fantastic Fest and the excitement is already here. As you know by now, we absolutely love Fantastic Fest here at Horror Squad. For many of us, it's the best week of the year, even better than Christmas. It's a week filled with the very best in genre cinema in the company of friends, colleagues and special guests at the best movie theater in the world, the Alamo Drafthouse. The fine folks who run the fest have sent out a press release dangling the first few tantalizing bits of news on what we can expect in September.

First up, the first two announced special guests are Jeffrey Combs and Stuart Gordon! Combs and Gordon will be on hand at Fantastic Fest 2010 for repertory screenings of both From Beyond and Re-animator. In addition, Combs will be performing his one-man show Nevermore...An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe, a play which Gordon wrote.

Next, while no specific titles have been officially announced, there is going to be a special selection of genre films from Norway. The press release specifically mentions Cold Prey and Dead Snow, so perhaps we'll see new films from those same filmmakers? There's no telling what Tim and his crew have cooked up for this year, but you know it will be amazing.
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