It's always good news when two Academy Award nominees decide to collaborate. Deadline Hollywood reports that Brazilian director Fernando Meirelles ('City of God,''The Constant Gardener') is set to direct the psychosexual drama '360,' written by British screenwriter Peter Morgan ('Frost/Nixon,''The Queen').

Expect A-list actors to step aboard this drama, which is based on Austrian playwright Arthur Schnitzler's controversial fin de siecle play, 'Reigen.' Like Stanley Kubrick's 'Eyes Wide Shut' and David Hare's 'The Blue Room,' which were also inspired by Schnitzler's work, '360' will focus on sex -- in this case, sex between partners of different social classes. It's uncertain exactly how Morgan will tackle the plot, since the play has been adapted several times -- most notably into Max Ophül's 'La Ronde' (1950) and Roger Vadim's 'Circle of Love' (1964) -- but the framework and the title suggest it will still be about a "merry-go-round" of sexual relationships.
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