You read right. But first, allow me to set this clip up.

By now, you undoubtedly know of OK Go, also known as "That Band That Did that Treadmill Video" or more recently "That Band that did the Rube Goldberg Video." OK Go is probably more well-known for their bouncy and well-choreographed stunt music videos than their music. In other words, they're the modern equivalent of the Monkees.

With this video of drummer Dan Konopka staring down the Muppet Animal, that comparison becomes slightly more credible. Think about it: the Monkees had their own network-syndicated TV show. Today, OK Go has taken their campaign to become demi-celebrities, also with amiably goofy and slightly avant garde aesthetic sensibility, to the intertubes. The handful of cameos in the video, including This American Life host Ira Glass and comedian Zack Galifianakis, make their self-conscious attempt at staging an impromptu staring contest after an awards ceremony that much more surreal. When bass guitarist Tim Nordwind keeps murmuring "So weird," over and over again, he's really understating things.

Still, the true triumph of this video is obviously the fact that the Muppets are staring down some guy, any guy. I especially love the way that he eggs Konopka on by breathing heavily while fellow Muppet Sgt. Floyd Pepper tries to psych Animal's opponent out by telling him to look at his "freaky-looking" mouth. Hats off, OK Go. Now start remaking Head already. Check out the video after the break.