Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider and David Spade were all comedy prodigies in their 20s when Lorne Michaels tapped them for 'Saturday Night Live.' Twenty years later, they've decided to play 'Grown Ups'. Yes, the title's ironic. This SNL rat pack – along with Sandler flick regular Kevin ('I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry') James -- is absolutely expected to deliver laughs rude and crude (but not too lewd – note the PG-13 rating).

Then again, how childish can these guys be? Their wives are played by the likes of Salma Hayek,Maria Bello and Maya Rudolph (the latter fantastic in the comedy-drama 'Away We Go'); it's hard to believe these women would marry goofballs. But we can't imagine that troubled Sandler. Audiences, it should be noted, were able to buy the eternally awkward 'Opera Man' with Drew Barrymore ('The Wedding Singer', '50 First Dates') and Winona Ryder ('Mr. Deeds').

'Grown Ups' centers on L.A. talent agent Lenny (Sandler), suddenly reuniting with his teammates at the funeral of their former basketball coach. His old buddies are mostly fellow married-with-children types. For his part, New Agey Rob (Schneider) is devoted to healthy living, and naughty Marcus (Spade) is devoted to exactly the opposite. The reunion extends from the funeral all the way to a water park, where wackiness ensues (see trailer below).

Sandler's last effort -- Judd Apatow's 'Funny People' -- was a mixed bag: The box office wasn't blockbuster, but the film landed on the Best of 2009 lists of The New Yorker and A.O. Scott of The New York Times.

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