Actresses Necar Zadegan and Tracie Dinwiddie have puckered up big time for their roles in the new movie Elena Undone -- and their soon to be famous lip-lock has now landed them in the record books as owners of the longest kiss in cinema history.

The film, which deals with a well-known lesbian writer falling in love with a pastor's wife was conceived by filmmaker Nicole Conn after her partner wondered why there weren't more lesbian films being made. The idea of the record-breaking kiss, however, didn't come until later.

Conn recounts the story of the kiss' conception by explaining that it came to her after a long day of script revisions. The writer-director felt she was overthinking things and decided to revisit her emotions instead. "I began to remember falling in love with Marina and let all the delicious moments that sweep over you when you first fall in love rush back over me ... the most memorable and easily most exquisite moment was that first kiss ... that kiss that feels like you have lived inside it forever."

See if Conn can relive that moment through her film -- or just watch two attractive women make out -- after the jump.