Once upon a time, in a magical world known as Middle Earth, a film studio set out on an epic quest to find a hero with just the right mix of strength, vision and willpower to bring the hotly anticipated and widely beloved book 'The Hobbit' to the big screen. And now the next chapter of the legend has been revealed: that person is not Neill Blomkamp.

That's right, folks: If you had Neill Blomkamp in your 'Hobbit' director office pool, well, I'm afraid you've just come up snake eyes, because New York Magazine is reporting that Blomkamp is not the guy.

Of course, there are literally billions of other people who also aren't going to end up directing 'The Hobbit,' but Blomkamp's non-involvement has become news thanks to the fact that last week, 'Lord of the Rings' fansite TheOneRing.net reported that their secret sources indicated Blomkamp would be the choice for MGM and Warner Bros. And though the article stressed repeatedly that there was no actual evidence of this, that didn't stop the Internet from exploding like a fireball from Smaug's gullet, as dozens of other media outlets tripped over themselves in the rush to appoint Blomkamp to the role.
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