With The Green Hornet generating lots of buzz this week after its official trailer debut, website Super Punch decided to take a trip down memory lane by sharing these clips of Britt Reid and his manservant Kato appearing on the old Adam WestBatman series. Holy camp, Batman!

In the first short scene -- taken from the 1968 episode The Spell of Tut and aired three weeks after The Green Hornet's debut -- Batman and Robin are "climbing up" the side of a skyscraper when Van Williams (The Green Hornet) and Bruce Lee (Kato) stick their head out of a window and have a building-side chat with Gotham's favorite caped crusaders. The brief clip seems designed solely to introduce The Green Hornet program to the Batman audience. That makes sense since ABC put it on the air after being impressed with the success of Adam West's series. The clip is funny because of its awkwardness and the corny joke Robin spouts at the end.

The second clip is much longer and even campier (despite some sloppy editing). It comes from the season two episodes A Piece of the Action and the follow-up, Batman's Satisfaction. The dynamic duo actually winds up fighting against and alongside Kato and The Green Hornet in the final sequence. The eps are hilarious (they involve counterfeit stamps, surely the most pressing crime issue facing Gotham City back in 1967 ... ) and the action choreography is as silly as you remember -- although it is kinda fun to watch Bruce Lee in the background. Unfortunately, even appearing on Batman couldn't save The Green Hornet -- the show was canceled after one season.

Will Seth Rogen's new version suffer a similar fate? Enjoy the videos after the jump.