Looks like Paramount will get the jump on Lionsgate in round two of their big-screen Halloween match-up as reports are circulating (on sites like Shock) that the studio has prepared a teaser trailer for Paranormal Activity 2 to run in front of prints of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse next week. Kipp Williams is directing the sequel, which just started filming within the past month for an October 22nd release date. No cast has been announced yet, though expect the film to be full of unknown actors and have a very similar feel to the shot-on-a-shoestring-budget original.

Meanwhile, Lionsgate is also busy preparing Saw VII 3D to arrive in theaters on the same weekend. Last year Paranormal Activity shocked the Hollywood community by using strong word-of-mouth to beat Saw VI at the box office. Determined not to let that happen for a second time, Lionsgate will tack on 3D to their latest Saw installment and go out swinging. Can Paramount capture lightning in a bottle twice with Paranormal Activity, or will the hurried sequel feel more like a direct-to-DVD offering than anything else?
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