I firmly believe that Daybreakers is one of the strongest sci-fi offerings of 2010, so I'm very happy that the Spierig Brothers are moving on to cool projects despite the complete box office failure of that film. The next movie from them is The Power of the Dark Crystal, a sequel to the 1982 Jim Henson fantasy odyssey, and the type of project that's going to get them a lot more attention as production ramps up.

At the recent Supernova event in Sydney, Australia, an Aint It Cool reader was able to come back with some (sketchy) details about the upcoming flick. The Spierigs confirmed the Skeksis would make some kind of an appearance in the film, that artist Brian Froud is involved with the new character designs, and that the movie will be shot in 3-D. They're also trying to find the balance between the actual puppetry and computer-generated elements, and I can understand their dilemma.

If they make a Dark Crystal film that looks like a puppet show from 1982, they're almost guaranteed to limit their own box office potential. If they make a CG-fest, they risk fan backlash for creating a film that isn't authentic to the original. My hope is that they use the puppets with some CG enhancements to make them more lifelike (think Where the Wild Things Are).

What approach do you think they should take?
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